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Basic indicators only give you information on where the chart is today, which is only part of the story. Nirvana System’s new ProfitView Module tells you the whole story. By giving you information on where the chart has been, it is much easier for us to know where the chart is going.

ProfitView is based on a ground-breaking new technology called Time Segmented Analysis. By dividing price history into multiple segments and analyzing each segment independently,
we gain unprecedented insight into the market that is only
available in ProfitView.

How it Works

After dividing the chart into multiple segments, ProfitView takes each segment and analyzes it with an indicator. Since the segments are analyzed independently, the indicator will return different results for
each segment.


In this example, we are illustrating how we could use the Trend Intensity Index to analyze six different
segments of the Oracle (ORCL) chart. ProfitView scales the indicator readings from 0 to 9 with 9
being the highest values. This information is calculated and then passed to your Focus List.


ProfitView Trend Model

Just by looking at the ProfitView column we now know that ORCL had been
in a strong upward trend for three months, it then pulled back for a couple of
months and it has not resumed its upward trend.

ProfitView gives you this same information for all of the symbols in your list so
that you can easily find the best setups as well as compare a potential trading
opportunity with the rest of the market – without looking at any charts!


ProfitView Models

ProfitView Trend Model

Using the ProfitView Trend Model, we can easily bring the strongest upward trending stocks to the top of your Focus List.

The ProfitView Module comes with five different Models which are designed to help you find the stocks that are poised to move.

  • Trend Strength: ProfitView’s segmented display makes it easy to find
    the stocks that are consistently trending as well as which stocks are
    changing trend direction. 
  • Group Confirmation: Instantly know the group strength (or weakness)
    for each stock in your Focus List.
  • Momentum: Easily see which stocks are gaining or losing momentum.
    Perfect for swing traders!
  • Weekly Strength: Shows the stock’s weekly strength relative to the
    rest of the market.
  • Monthly Strength: Shows the stock’s monthly strength relative the
    rest of the market.

ProfitView Trading Strategies

ProfitView not only provides excellent visual trading information, but it can also be used
to improve any of your OmniTrader Trading Strategies. Included with the module are
versions of the base OmniTrader strategies that have been improved using ProfitView’s
Time Segmented Analysis (TSA). By using this unique technology to only take trades
have the best setups, the ProfitView strategies show a significant improvement over the
base strategies.


Add Time Segmented Analysis to ANY Strategy

The ProfitView Module includes the TSA Formula which allows you to add Time Segmented Analysis to your
trading strategies. You can choose any indicator from your indicator library and apply the TSA formula to it
in order to create a filter. This allows you to only trade the signals that have the best setups. The ProfitView
module has revolutionized technical analysis with the introduction of Time Segmented Analysis.

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