The Power of Fibonacci Trader OT Benefits

New features ONLY in OmniTrader 2015

Intra-EOD Analysis
Simple Concept Yields Amazing Profits

Now, in OmniTrader 2015, our End of Day users can get REAL TIME periodicities (like 60 minute charts) in their End of Day OmniTrader, making it easier than ever before to spot potential big moves? By analyzing Intraday and End of Day charts at the same time, we are producing trading signals that are among some of the most profitable we have ever seen. This is the most powerful feature we have ever added to OmniTrader End of Day!

Great New Strategies

Intra-EOD analysis is going to help our users make more money trading and investing than ever before. With this powerful, new analysis, we went one step further and created strategies that automatically find the best setups. By confirming strong signals in End of Day charts with complementary signals in the 60 minute timeframe, we were able to create “Strategy Magic.”

With the power provide to us from the Intra-EOD analysis, we have been able to produce our first purely Mechanical Strategies for the base OmniTrader platform! With OmniTrader 2015, we provide you all three Mechanical Strategies, including their Trade Plans, so you can manage your trades to a profitable completion.

Included Strategies:
  • IEOD Breakout
  • IEOD Reversal
  • IEOD Trending

New and Improved OmniScans

Define Sort Order and Symbol Count Limit to get precisely the list you want in End of Day or Real Time

When using OmniScan, we typically look for a list of quality stocks based on specific technical or fundamental criteria. Now with OmniTrader 2015, you can also use OmniScan to rank the results and find the very best candidates on any given day. You can specify technical criteria for Sort Order as well as a maximum. This makes it easy to get the list you want to trade.

You can now use OmniScan to populate Real Time profiles. One of the greatest uses of OmniScan is to power Real Time profiles. Many great End of Day setups provide outstanding lists for today’s trading. We know our Real Time users are going to love getting these highly targeted lists into the OT with just a few clicks!

New Trading Method Seminar:
Maximize Your Profits with Intra-EOD Analysis

In this new seminar, Jeff Drake will explain how to combine Intraday and End of Day analysis in OmniTrader to find stellar trades in all market conditions. We are confident this new Trading Method is going to give our users a huge advantage this year and this seminar is the place to get started.

The Upgrade Package Also Includes:

Fibonacci Trader Plug-in

Fibonacci Trader provides an easy to use package that automates advanced Fibonacci analysis in OmniTrader. There are 2 different ways to use it – as a visual reference using the HRI Indicator or as a signal generator, using the new strategies. Both approaches are extremely powerful.

Fib Trader Provides Instant Identification of Key Retracement Points

Our new Harmonic Retracement Indicator (HRI) displays all the key Fibonacci Retracement and Extension levels on the right side of your chart.

Harmonic Patterns use Fibonacci Ratios between successive pivots to identify great trading opportunities. Our new Harmonic Pattern system identifies 6 key Harmonic Patterns. When the appropriate ratios are found, the system fires signals which are used in the new Fibonacci Trader Harmonic Patterns Strategy. It is uncanny how often a chart will explosively reverse to the upside when it reaches the signal point.

Also included in the plug-in is the new Fibonacci Trader Extension Strategy. We used the relationship between both the .618 (62) Fibonacci Retracement value and the 1.618 (162%) Fibonacci Extension value to build this new strategy. The Extension Strategy is a consistent performer, generating signals with an accuracy approaching 70%.

To get you ready to start profiting with Fibonacci Trader, we are including the Harnessing the Power of Fibonacci Patterns seminar.

Premier IEF Strategy

Leveraging Intra-EOD and Fibonacci Analysis

Using an integral Reversion to Mean approach, we created the new Intra-EOD Fibonacci (IEF) Strategy that uses powerful daily RTM signals with intraday Harmonic Patterns. In recent testing, 74% of all IEF trades on the S&P 100 made money.

This new analysis technique is opening the door to a host of new market opportunities. This new Mechanical Strategy is being released as a Premier Strategy product and we are including it FREE when you purchase the upgrade special package!

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