OT2016 Upgrade

OmniTrader 2016 - A Money-Making Machine!

Increase Profits and Trade with More Confidence than Ever Before.

We carefully reviewed feature requests from users, identifying those that would help make all our users more successful. The resulting upgrade is perhaps the most profitable OmniTrader we have ever released.

  • Increase Profits with Dynamic Scans
    We know that trading key setups improves accuracy and profitability. Dynamic Scans enable us to see what our profits would have been had we created a customized symbol list for each day in the past. Now we can test any setup and see how our Strategies would have worked trading these Setups in the past. Dynamic Scans can make a huge difference in your trading!
  • Understanding Fundamentals is Easy in OmniTrader 2016
    Now you can measure the effect of important fundamental factors in your trading, and easily understand how they can affect profitability. For example, “What if you always traded the highest PE stocks?” Or, “What if you avoided trading into Earnings altogether?” You can also plot historical fundamentals as indicators in your charts!
  • Speed. Convenience. Ease of Use.
    We have improved OmniTrader’s usability in several important ways. First, we were able to shave 60% off OmniTrader’s load time – no small feat! We added additional statistics to the Portfolio Simulator and the ability to see P&L values by placing your mouse over Chevrons in the charts. And, you can now customize Signals to make them BIG and/or change their color.
  • Watch Your Charts Come Alive with the New Fibonacci Tool
    Fibonacci Levels are one of the most important confirming indicators that a trader can use. We completely renovated our Fibonacci Retracement Tool, making it easier to define and display up to 10 levels. The tool comes configured with the most widely-recognized “Fib” levels, including “extensions.”
  • Gain Powerful Insights with the Portfolio Equity Curve
    We also added an Equity Curve tab on the portfolio. This enables you to graphically view your account record, making it easier to see where any problem trades occurred so you can refine your approach. An Equity Curve is infinitely easier to interpret than a list of trades.
  • PLUS The Ultimate Indicator Suite Plug-in
    As we began working on OmniTrader 2016, we received requests for new indicators that customers were using with great success in their trading – Hull Moving Averages, Mansfield Relative Strength and Double Stochastics. After working with them, we understand why! The Ultimate Indicator Suite, which includes a great Strategy for each indicator, generates superb trades in the Long, Medium, and Short timeframes. The value of the Ultimate Suite is unprecedented in the upgrade package.
  • And, Two Great Seminars
    We have also produced two information-packed seminars on how to make the most of the upgrade package. The first seminar is for OmniTrader 2016 and the other for the new Ultimate Indicator Suite. These comprehensive seminars will get you up and running on all the new features in record time.

    As you can see, there is a lot of firepower packed into this OmniTrader Upgrade Package, all designed to help our users Focus to Win in 2016. Our loyal OmniTrader users receive a low upgrade price and as always, this offer comes with our money back guarantee. Get OmniTrader 2016 now, and be set to make more money in the coming year and beyond!

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OmniTrader 2016

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