Trading with Pivot Points
Runs July 22- July 24

Pivot Points are one of the most versatile and powerful tools available to traders. They can help us identify trend reversals, trend continuations and great entries as well. In Trading with Pivot Points, Jeremy Williams will show you how to apply Pivot analysis to your trading. We start with the basic concept and then explore the basic Pivot Points in OmniTrader. We will continue the course by looking at the Pivots used in various OmniTrader plug-ins and how you can use them to improve your trading in any timeframe or market.

Trading Lab Orientation
July 29

Your Special Semester includes two free months of access to our Real Time Trading Lab. Our Trading Lab Method is delivered on Sept. 2nd through Sept. 4th (see description below) but we will hold a special Trading Lab Orientation on July 29th for those of you that want to visit in the month of August. Join our Real Time Analysts as they cover how they approach the market and what to look for when you join us in the Trading Lab.


Riding the Tide: The Trend Trading Method
Runs Aug 5 - Aug 21

In Riding the Tide: The Trend Trading Method, we will provide a complete approach to the market that takes advantage of trading in a trending market. If the market is in a trending mode, we want to take advantage of this overwhelming sentiment and find the stocks that will provide the largest gains in the shortest amount of time.

Riding the Tide covers all aspects of trend trading. We will look at how to not only determine the overall market’s trend direction, but also how strong the trend is as well as the quality of the trend. Once we know the market’s trend characteristics, we want to see which groups are currently outperforming the market. And finally, we will identify the stocks in those groups that are really poised to post big gains.

Harnessing the Power of Heikin Ashi Charts
Runs Aug 26 - Aug 28

Many traders around the world view Heikin Ashi charts as the secret to their success. Heikin Ashi charts are designed to help remove the noise from regular candle charts, making all forms of chart analysis easier. Harnessing the Power of Heikin Ashi Charts will show you exactly how the charts are constructed and how they can improve your trading. Whether you use Heikin Ashi charts exclusively or in conjunction with other chart types, the Heikin-Ashi technique will help you see the true trend in the market and identify when a trend is about to change.


The Trading Lab Method: Trading the Moves in Real Time
Runs Sept 2 - Sept 4

In the Trading Lab, you’ll see our successful trading staff present their complete approach to intraday trading. Their method leverages components of Nirvana’s Real Time Trading technology such as ProfitBands and MarketScans.

The Lab staff will show you the profitable technical setups that they use to time their Real Time entries. You’ll learn about Intraday Trend Identification, Powerful Chart Patterns, Multiple Timeframe Confirmation, and much more.

Along with the course, you will be given full access to the Trading Lab for August and September to see how The Lab identifies profitable intraday moves every trading day.

Razor Sharp Reversal Trading with Divergence
Runs Sept 9 - Sept 11

Divergence analysis provides traders with absolute optimal entries into a trade. In Razor Sharp Reversal Trading with Divergence, we will show you how to apply Divergence analysis to your trading. We start by exploring the basic concept and then we will look at some of the Divergence systems available to O.T.U. students. We will conclude the course by looking at the superior Divergence trading opportunities provided by the Divergence Trading Module.

Advanced Volume Analysis
Runs Sept 16 - Sept 18

A key component of pricing data that is often overlooked is trading Volume. By integrating Volume Analysis, traders gain much more insight into the trading events that took place. Volume Spread Analysis uses both Price and Volume data together to understand the underlying supply and demand situations that are driving market movements. Using this analysis, you can monitor trend conditions, identify levels of extreme support and resistance, and better time your trades.

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