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Why do my signals change?
Last Activity 11/28/2017 3:25 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : Why do my signals change?
Posted : 12/10/2004 4:41 PM
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Q: Why do my signals change?


According to the Personality of Markets Theory, securities will exhibit different "personalities" from time to time. Trading systems will generate accurate signals for a certain personality, but what if the personality of the security changes? Obviously, the system that was being used before will not be as effective. This has been a historical problem with indicators and systems in the past, and that is why OmniTrader will update the backtest period and reoptimize the security every so often. OmniTrader will go through the new data and find new systems and settings to generate signals based on the current personality of the security.

This is the reason you will see signals change in OmniTrader, and the reason that this change is an advantage in our program and an advantage to you as a trader.

So if you want your securities optimized, the signals are usually going to change. If you don't want your signals changing, your only options are to limit or prevent the optimization from being done.

You can limit optimization for all your symbols in your focus list to only be done at certain time frames. Click your ToDo list & click the Test Settings tab. You can change the "Optimize on ??? boundaries" option however you like.

If you want to make sure that a signal never changes for a particular security, add it as a position in your portfolio. Then under your ToDo list/Test Settings, click the "Do not optimize positions in portfolio" option. Then as long as you run your ToDo list, that symbol will never get optimized unless you click Forced for all symbols or close the position. See page 111-122 in the OT Guidebook for using the Portfolio feature.

Another reason your signals may be changing is because you are using Strategy Voting. Since Strategy Voting uses filters to choose Strategies with better recent performance, it can "switch" between strategies midstream. If you are using the All Strategies function this may occur. The way around this is to select an individual strategy instead of All Strategies or turn off the Strategy Filtering and just let all signals flow to the Vote Line. These filters can be seen by clicking Edit/Trading Strategy/Strategy Voting.

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