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What can I do to get OmniScan working?
Last Activity 11/28/2017 3:25 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : What can I do to get OmniScan working?
Posted : 3/1/2006 1:49 PM
Post #9263

Q: I can't get OmniScan working. What can I do?


TEST: Click the To Do List and ensure that "Download Historical and Current Price Data" is checked. If you're just testing the download then Run Analysis may be disabled for faster results. Click Perform Selected Tasks. Then click the "My Symbols" text at the top of the Focus List. If it opens up then it is installed & working. If not it will give you one of the following messages, so continue with the next step:

"OmniScan runs with OmniData only" or "OmniScan subscription expired. Please renew your subscription."


1. OmniScan only runs with OmniData, so if you don't have OmniData(historical data) installed or working please refer to this thread:

The rest of this document assumes you are getting updated charts through OmniData.

2. Make sure you are in an End of Day Stocks Profile. If you are unsure you can create a new Profile by clicking File/New & select Stocks & End of Day. When finished try above TEST. Note: OmniScan can still work fine even though there may be no symbols in your Focus List.

3. Click on Edit/Data Settings. Click the drop-down arrow & select NONE & click OK. Close the program. Restart OmniTrader & click Edit/Data Settings & change NONE back to OmniData. The ID & Password should still be there. Once complete click OK. Try above TEST.

4. With OT closed run your OmniTrader Updater by clicking on Start/All Programs/OmniTrader201#/Omnitrader Updater & you'll be taken to the update page. It should open up a website in your browser. If you see this message,

"Note: Your OmniTrader software is current, but if you would still like to download a release choose one below."

then you do not need to install an update, so close your browser & proceed to step 5 now. Otherwise click the NEXT button & then click INSTALL. Once the installation is complete, you may close your browser. Then open OmniTrader & try above TEST again.

5. If it still does not download, open the Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. Uninstall both OmniScan and OmniData if it is there. If only one is there just uninstall that one. Then install your OmniScan cd only. If you do not have a cd or would like the latest installation it can be downloaded from this link:

When finished open OmniTrader & try above TEST again.

6. If it is still not working properly, please contact Nirvana Support as it may be a registration issue.

[Edited by Barry Cohen on 3/31/2006 4:37 PM]

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