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What does +1 mean in focus list?
Last Activity 11/28/2017 3:25 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : What does +1 mean in focus list?
Posted : 4/1/2004 5:16 PM
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Q: Why do I get a +1 next to my strategy in my focus list & what determines the order of strategies under the vote line?


The +1 in your focus list means that there are 2 strategies that each returned separate current signals for that stock & both strategies passed through the strategy voting filters.

Excerpt from the OT User Guide:
Signals below the Vote Line are strategies that have passed the Performance Filters. Such strategies will be noted in the Strategy Voting window. When you vote multiple strategies, some of the strategies will be grayed out.

The coloring of the strategies Signal Line tells you which strategies have passed the filters. If the color is green, then the strategy has passed all Performance Filters and its signals will be considered in the voting process. If the color is gray, then the strategy has not passed filters, and all signals are ignored. The signals that are fired by a filtered strategy will not contribute to the voting process, and will not be considered when determining conflict resolution.

As an example(see attached file), say we have selected 3 strategies in our list(Edit/Trading Strategy): Breakout, Trending, & Swing. And on the focus list for symbol VRTS it shows Breakout (+1).

Then under the vote line say we have Trending listed first, then Breakout, & lastly Swing which are all highlighted in green.

On the focus list, Breakout is showing the strongest signal. Trending has a current signal as well although not as strong as the Breakout signal & is shown by the +1. If Swing also had a current signal, the focus list would show Breakout(+2).

Under the vote line, the 3 strategies are in green because they all passed through the strategy voting filters. This is regardless of whether they have current signals or not. Even though Breakout is shown in the focus list, Trending is above Breakout because strategy voting is set to rank each strategy a certain way. The default OmniTrader setting is to rank by APR. So here, Trending is listed first because it has a higher APR than Breakout. To see this setting, click Edit/Trading Strategy/Strategy Voting & there you can view how strategies are ranked. Also, for a signal to fire on the vote line it must pass through strategy voting.

[Edited by Barry Cohen on 11/22/2006 11:17 AM]

Attached file : StratVote.doc (77KB - 612 downloads)

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