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Steve Luerman

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Subject : OT2018 Report Export
Posted : 12/3/2017 6:04 PM
Post #42761

At 28:30 into the PowerTour video, Ed mentioned the expanded Export feature. It now will export all the FocusList data to an *.xls file, and keep appending.

I see several problems with this feature:

1. The export file has the wrong extension. The content of the file is HTML markup, and so it would be more correct to use the *.html extension, rather than *.xls.

2. The signal icons are not exported. Instead, this character " " is exported instead of an appropriate icon symbol (or if icons are not possible, then a numeric equivalent/analog). This comment applies to the Pos, Signal and Strategy Signal (e.g. AC1, ACT, etc.) columns.

3. A date+time stamp is absolutely required for each new export added to the file. Without that, the fact that multiple exports will be accumulated in one file is useless. Alternatively, create a separate (timestamped) file for each export.
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