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Dynamic scans vs strategy filters

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Subject : Dynamic scans vs strategy filters
Posted : 12/11/2016 6:13 PM
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I've been working with OmniScan dynamic scans. Love them. But I think they only consider equities that are in the list at the far right edge. Stocks that have been dropped sometime in the past are not picked up during the historical (dynamic) scan process. (Confirmation?)

So if I add all the OmniScan custom scan criteria to a filter block in a strategy I think my backtests will include equities that have been delisted. (Sound right?)

I think I should add the starting universe to the Profile as a list for use when running PortSim with a Strategy that has all the OmniScan custom rules as filters. And I should add the custom list with the same custom rules to the Profile for use in LabMode and when using the FL to prospect at the HRE.

Are there other nuances of OmniScan dynamic lists that I'm missing?