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Subject : X-Suite MOO
Posted : 11/30/2017 5:13 PM
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I'm running X-Suite on an EOD profile and I see that when I get a new signal it says signal generated on the previous day and entered on the current day yet I will not enter until tomorrow MOO. Do I have something configured incorrectly and if not which entry is the backtest performance based on.

(I just know I am going to smack my head when I hear the answer <:)
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Subject : RE: X-Suite MOO
Posted : 12/1/2017 1:01 PM
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Hopefully this example clears it up for you.

After market hours on Nov 30, you run your ToDo List & get this signal. There is no new data that could change the signal, since it's after market hours, so we know it's valid. The signal tells us to enter the trade anytime between now & market open, so that it executes at market open tomorrow.

Any time after market open on Dec 1, you run your ToDo List. New data for Dec 1 is received & it's associated bar begins. The above signal then changes to a solid triangle, but is still on the same bar.

Clicking that signal now reveals this. The signal is in trade at this point. Had you traded it with a broker, it would be in a position having executed on Dec 1 market open.

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