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Joined: 4/3/2016

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Subject : Strategy Help
Posted : 4/14/2016 7:10 PM
Post #36154

I would like to set up a strategy to trigger buy and sell signals in the focus list when I use the Stochastic Crossover(5,3,3,20,80) and Stochastic Crossover(13,3,3,20,80) systems. I have both systems plotted on my chart and they work fine but I would like them to display signals in the focus list when they trigger. I am a new owner of OT PRO. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Thad Dorgan

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Subject : RE: Strategy Help
Posted : 4/18/2016 11:41 AM
Post #36155 - In reply to #36154

Since the only way to get a system's signal into your focus list, is to first integrate it into a strategy -> enable the strategy in your profile and then add a column to your focus list representing the strategy's signal....I went ahead and made a quick strategy to get you up and running.

Just close OT and save the "2Stochastics.ots" file to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nirvana\OT2016\Strategies

Relaunch OmniTrader and you will now see the strategy available to you when you go to Edit -> Trading Strategies. Enable the "2Stochastics" Strategy, and then run your analysis. To see the signals from this strategy in your focus list, click on the "Wrench" icon at the top of your focus list. This will bring up the Configure Columns window-> Click on the "Strategies" tab in the top right of this window to select the 2Stochastics Strategy, and then add it into your focus list and Click OK.

Please know...the strategy has no filtering, no confirmation, no active stop management. In the orders block of the strategy, I enabled the "N Bar" stop, which means the new signal fired by your STO-C Systems will only remain in position for one bar before it closes the positions. This helps to ensure you see any new signals that the strategy generates.

Last but not least, here is a video detailing how to make a One-System strategy, just like the one I have created for you,

Unlike the video you can watch, the only real difference is that I dragged/dropped an additional Systems block into the strategy before the "Vote" block.

Best Regards,

Nirvana Support

**Edit -> I forgot it is unnecessary to add another "Systems" block into the strategy. You can simply "Duplicate" the system(s) you want to use in the original Systems block. Just highlight the system you want to use, and click the "Duplicate" button at the bottom of the window (to the immediate right of the "Delete" button. You can then modify the parameters for the duplicate system, separate from the original system. My apologies!**
Attached file : 2Stochastics.ots (952KB - 121 downloads)
Attached file : 2 Stochastics Strategy Screenshot.jpg (378KB - 148 downloads)

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Posts: 5

Joined: 4/3/2016

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Subject : RE: Strategy Help
Posted : 4/18/2016 12:01 PM
Post #36156 - In reply to #36154

Thad -

Thanks for the assistance - very much appreciated. I have reviewed your solution and will implement this afternoon. There are several more steps to my strategy but this should get me up and running. I can manually perform the additional steps until I learn the OmniTrader coding language. Thanks again. So far have been impressed with the OmniTrader PRO platform.
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