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OmniTrader 2005 Technical Support
exporting symbol
Last Activity 1/25/2010 7:33 PM
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Leroy Koehler

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Joined: 12/21/2003
Location: Sonoma, CA

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Subject : exporting symbol
Posted : 6/13/2005 6:36 PM
Post #6927

Is it possible to export symbol back to TC2000 from the focus list after using FILTER SIGNALS.
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This accout has been deleted
Subject : RE: exporting symbol
Posted : 6/14/2005 5:01 PM
Post #6934 - In reply to #6927


Unfortunately, there is no way to export a list from OT to TC2005.
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Major E

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Joined: 9/11/2006
Location: South Korea

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Subject : RE: exporting symbol
Posted : 9/11/2006 5:55 AM
Post #10464 - In reply to #6927

It's been almost a year and a half from the date of this question...

Is this going to be implemented soon?

I use both OmniTrader and TeleChart as my main analysis tools, and while it's easy to import from TC to OT, I cannot, after having spent an entire day trying different things and reading manuals and reading this message board...figure out how to get a symbols list from OT to TC.

For such a high end product such as OT, this function should be included. Please add me to the list of people requesting this functionality.

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Joined: 1/29/2005
Location: McMinnville, TN

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Subject : RE: exporting symbol
Posted : 10/14/2006 1:55 PM
Post #10650 - In reply to #6927

The comment is made that exporting from TC to OT is easy, you must be privy to information that I am not. I also use TC and OT together, I use the TC data feed for EOD analysis in both products. I constantly am finding symbols in TC that OT cannot find. The problem is, as I see it, that TC is using a SYMBOLS.DAT file, updated with my download daily, but OT wants to use a SYMBOLS.MDB file. So the questions is, how do I convert the TC DAT file into a MDB file that OT can use? If there is an easier way, I have no ego, someone please instruct me as to the error of my ways.
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