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OmniTrader 2006 Technical Support
error 3163 and phone/email
Last Activity 7/8/2013 7:16 PM
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This accout has been deleted
Subject : error 3163 and phone/email
Posted : 10/24/2007 6:33 PM
Post #13103

ON 10/22/07 at 11:15 CT I spoke with John about OT 2006 getting error 3163 when trying to import a focus list of about 280 symbols from a Telechart scan. I've pasted below a copy of my email to which details my situation.
I'm posting here now (10/24 16:30 PT) because I've received no response from my email (not even a courtesy "we've received your problem email" response).
Can anyone give me some guidance because, at this time, OT 2006 is next to useless to me.

10/23/07 4:45pm PT

Yesterday morning I spoke to John of your tech staff. I reported the problem (errors 3163 and 9) and he worked with me. Problem involved being unable to import more than a few symbols from telechart; heretofore I'd imported VERY large lists from telechart with no problems. A copy of the OT.LOG was provided during this phone session. John said he'd have to elevate this to a higher technical level.

Today I had more problems (OT wouldn't initialize and I could import NO symbols nor could I enter symbols manually) and called again. I spoke to Ryan. He worked with me via online support (saved me LOTS of cell phone airtime!) and I thought we had ALL the problems resolved since he'd 'imported' a Telechart group containing 400 symbols.
This afternoon I just tried importing from a Telechart scan and got error 3163 again and so had to CTRL+ALT+DEL and end task on OT 2006. There are 288 symbols in this scan ('ETF optionable').

I have attached a copy of OT.LOG to this email.

Please advise what to do.

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Jon Grasty

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Subject : RE: error 3163 and phone/email
Posted : 10/25/2007 9:24 AM
Post #13105 - In reply to #13103

Handled via phone call.

Jon Grasty
Nirvana Support

[Edited by Jon Grasty on 10/25/2007 9:25 AM]

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