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Portfolio Simulation Mode
Portfolio Simulation Results -
Last Activity 9/2/2018 1:56 PM
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Joined: 9/30/2010
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Subject : RE: Portfolio Simulation Results -
Posted : 4/26/2011 4:29 PM
Post #23859 - In reply to #18647

i cant be your figures marc lol

anyone reading this i would very much like your thoughts and opinions on figures i have from portsim.
i am really new to all this so all feedback is welcome

Attached file : portsim.JPG (814KB - 223 downloads)

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Subject : RE: Portfolio Simulation Results -
Posted : 4/28/2011 10:58 AM
Post #23873 - In reply to #23859

It looks like "% of Equity" would be the best way to trade this strategy..

So this would mean use the increments enabled in Portf.Sim. and trade them.. So if it shows Min/Max/Increments of 10/100/10 this means its testing your strategy trading 10% of your capital as a minimum to a maximum of 100% in increments of 10% - So it would test 10%, 20%, 30% etc..

Oh wait, i think % of Equity is something different.. Anyways, find out which 'Settings' are best for entries and exits either 'Fixed $ Amount', 'Fixed Trade Size', $ to Equity, etc ..

So my suggestion above, based on your image shows that to trade '% of Equity' will give you the best results.

As I suggested eariler, you can post your results like this but no one will really be able to comment unless you post your strategy or the techniques you used to get these results..

Also, you have made a giant leap forward this week in your strategy creation and testing. Good work!
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