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Feature Request
Last Activity 5/25/2010 4:37 PM
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Joined: 12/23/2003
Location: Southbridge, MA 01550

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Subject : Feature Request
Posted : 8/2/2004 3:46 PM
Post #3498

It would be very nice to be able to incorporate the feature into OmniTrader that allows you to sell a stock/trade within the folio interface in real time rather than the given time slots. You are able to do this on the folio website for a fee. But if you can sell a stock at anytime other than the alotted time slots on the website, you should be able to use the OT interface to do the same.
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Joined: 8/5/2004
Location: Daytona Beach, FL

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Subject : RE: Feature Request
Posted : 8/12/2004 1:52 PM
Post #3574 - In reply to #3498

Did anyone reply to you on your 12/23/2003 posting ? Also looking to
import other data vendors into OT2004 and another charting software pkg.
Apparently, or at least as I understand this problem, there are two (2)
obstacles to hurdle:
1. Data FORMAT ; ie. JAVA, MetaStock, ASCII
2. program to program Interface or "hand shake"
Ref. #1 ... If the "OUTSIDE VENDOR" is not using MetaStock or one of the
prescribed Data Vendors in your OmniTrader2004 .... you must run the
(outside vendor) Data Service through a conversion program.
Found " Meta2ASCII Conversion Wizard " which converts ASCII text to
MetaStock and visa vie.
Still have no found anything that'll do the job ! Probably requires
an "egg head" computer wiz kid to do the ''' SETUP ''' .Lemme kno' if
you get something / someone to get such an interface to work. Regards,
Jerry Serwas
Daytona Beach, FL
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