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Subject : Converting Linear to non-Linear based charts
Posted : 7/4/2017 8:20 AM
Post #29604

Hello Fellow Traders:

I would like to get feedback related to NTB Tick-based and NTB Range-based charts. Lately, I have come to realize to be a proficient chart reader, besides fractal time-based linear charts, I need to study and trade w/ non-linear, non-timed based charts for a better edge.

My time-frames vary based on style and length of position (scalp, intra-day swing, swing and/or position) as shown below variations:

scalp - 60 min / 15min / 5 min /2 min
intra-day swing - 240 min / 60 min / 15 min / 5 min
swing and position - weekly / daily / 240 min / 120 or 60 min

The reason I display above is because I am looking for feedback towards **converting** these identical fractals into Tick charts and/or Range-based charts.

I want to find the best manner to convert Range &/or Tick charts that match the same time based fractals relative of their variations or to close proximity.

NTB Range and Tick based charts:

intra-day swing?
swing and position?

For example, below is one method of attempt to convert time to ntb-volume data periods using the calculation I am not sure if it is accurate or not (a spreadsheet example is attached):

Daily Minutes = (1440 - 60 = 1380 minutes)

Average Daily Volume = VOLMA (90period)

Calculation = (VOLMA/1380) = volume per minute
= (volume per minute) x (#mins chart)
= Volume amount for each timeframe


If anyone can please assist, it'd be very highly appreciated. Happy July 4th.


p.s.: I understand everyone has different views on which time-frames are best for their style. I also understand comparing time vs transactions or volume is like comparing apples to oranges, but nonetheless, markets are fractal regardless of them being time, tick, range, or volume...
Attached file : TimeVolumeChartConversion1a.xls (9KB - 47 downloads)

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