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Subject : x suite and xls-19 v2 problems
Posted : 10/13/2017 7:34 PM
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I started using x suite live yesterday but confused about the signals. Yesterday evening around 15:55 PM EST three stocks appeared TWX,COF and ROST therefore I entered in all of them, I am using eod data which is 20 minutes delay therefore i ran the data again at 11 pm, TWX disappered leaving COF and ROST in the signal list, today I ran the data around 15:55 PM but confused to see that ROST disappered, TWX reappeared as position already in. Now I ran data again today at 8 pm and now it shows TWX and COF. These signals appear and diappear during updates even after market is closed and somehow reappear next day. Anybody noticing it?

I have the same problem with xls-19 v2 where signals appear or disappear or reappear after coouple days. Signal should stick once market is closed.

I am running omnitrader 2017 pro version 2Q. eod data from omnidata.

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