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Hey Ed!

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Subject : RE: OT2018 alerts on indicators
Posted : 12/7/2017 2:22 PM
Post #29741 - In reply to #29702

<< We would need to figure out a better way to handle that. >>

Currently, triggerred alerts present a column for date and time of triggered event but not for data period of the event. However, for the new indicator alerts, entering the alert has a required setting for data period.

Suppose the indicator alert (one symbol or all focus list symbols) will trigger one alert per symbol per the data period list box listed on alert entry. Then the alert firing will result in that one symbol alert in that data period to migrate from the pending to the triggered status - again for that one symbol.

Now if the customer wants a new indicator event to be in position to replace that expired event alert on the one symbol data period, then the customer can re-enter the alert as a one symbol alert on that data period - however all other alerts for other symbols and for the same or other symbols in different data periods remain in place as pending alerts.

Programming would be needed to include a data period in the pending and expired alert table. Also some kind of expired table size management would be needed.

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