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Subject : Frequently Asked Questions Summary & Links
Posted : 3/8/2012 11:04 AM
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How can I purchase & download OmniTrader 2012?

Installation FAQ

Can't connect to data feed or view charts

How do I use OmniTrader?

Where else can I get help?

FAQ for correcting data for symbols

OmniData Market Breadth FAQ

What do all the signals in OT & VT mean?

How can I import an OmniScan list into Realtime?

How do I get my old settings into the new OT?

Do I need to have a previous version installed?

How do I create a new focus list?

How can I reinstall my OT2012 strategies?

How can I reinstall my OT2012 Trade Plans?

How can I reinstall my Chart Templates?

What OmniTrader files should I back up or if I'm transferring files to another machine what files are needed?

How can I fix error 429 when trying to open OT?

How can I reinstall Microsoft .Net?

Symbols disappearing from profile

Correcting bad data for a symbol

Why am I not getting a signal on a certain stock?

How to get ToDo List or Focus List button back

Why do my signals change?

What is optimization?

Why can't I get Weekly signals?

What can I do to get OmniScan working?

Why do I not see 5 or 15 minute time frames?

How do I adjust for a split?

Message: Unable to locate DBC Data Manager

How can I get real-time data?

Can't log into one of Nirvana's websites

Contrasting signals in different profiles

Why am I seeing A's and B's instead of checkboxes?

Can I import symbols from an Excel or Text file?

Where can I find a One System Strategy?

What does +1 mean in focus list?

How can I plot an option chart using OptionTrader?

How do I get chart data for the Russells?

Today's data is showing under yesterday's date

Strategy Wizard FAQ

Guppy-Darvas Combo FAQ

FAQ regarding volume

How to correct error 3197?

Optimized Shifted Moving Average Indicator

Error 713 Class not registered

How do I disable McAfee's phishing software?

Seeing wrong symbol in non-US market

Error: Cannot communicate with machnm1.exe