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TASC 2014 FEB:OL Coding for a Simpler System

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Subject : TASC 2014 FEB:OL Coding for a Simpler System
Posted : 1/11/2014 10:23 AM
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in TASC 2014 issue FEB there was an interesting article.
Oscar Cagigas’s article refers to, “The Degree Of Complexity,”. It discusses how simpler systems can perform better than more complex ones.
The System is based on Donchian (Indicator)

It is on page 11-12.

Who is able to code it in OT Language and to create an according OT strategy System for OT to see how it works in a Portfolio simulation. The Easy language code & Metastock Code is in attached file. In TASC FEB the coding was also provided for download of other well known trading platforms (MetaStock , Tradestation, NinjaTrader etc.)

Thank you in advance

Attached file : TASC FEB 2014 Coding METASTOCK_Tradestation.docx (104KB - 441 downloads)