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OT Chart opens browser page!!!

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Subject : OT Chart opens browser page!!!
Posted : 4/9/2019 2:56 PM
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You are not going to believe this but I have spent the better part of a day tracking down this problem. My browser kept loading a web page ad for Dell computer. (The url for this page is:

It is hard to believe it isn't something else but after many computer restarts with virus scanning etc. I finally noticed it occurred when opening and using OT. I have a profile that coincidently had three Dell charts and when it opened my browser (Chrome) opened with three pages of the same Dell ad. I closed the browser and opened a different profile - no Dell ads. Reopening the profile with the three Dell charts and again the browser added three more tabs of the same Dell ad. Finally I made a new profile with only two charts, Dell and ADBE. Switching the chart back and forth, the browser added another Dell tab each time the Dell chart was opened.

The problem is easily avoided but the reason would be interesting to know.

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Subject : RE: OT Chart opens browser page!!!
Posted : 4/9/2019 4:17 PM
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What you are experiencing is a Yahoo News issue. It can occur on certain stocks, in this case you will see it if you chart symbol DELL.

It's because we use Yahoo News embedded in OmniTrader & that stock has a news item with a video link. Once that news item moves out of current news it will go away on its own.

Besides not charting the offending stock, there are 2 ways to prevent this behavior. Click Tools/Options & go to the Chart Options tab. You may disable “Download News and Fundamentals or "Enable Chart Tabs". Either one will prevent it.