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Replying to message 30233
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Frank Birch

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Joined: 3/25/2006
Location: UK

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Subject : RE: Foreign Exchange V,s Bitcoin?
Posted : 1/9/2019 12:32 PM
Post #30233 - In reply to #30222

Hi Richard & all,

To be fare I haven't yet touched base on ARM5 on Forex or Bitcoin.

As i posted previously Bitcoin its a bumpy road to say the least!! so in all fairness forex as mentioned moves over 5,4 trillion every 24 hours and by trading just the london session you can make so much more money over time than bitcoin hands down with less draw down!!
sometimes Hare and totoise springs to mind.
Ive extended our mechanical stratgery for forex and by using omnitrader and omnipilot you can show stellar results.
Ive attached a port sim of back test results for our mechanical strategy.
As and when i get to test ARM5 on forex i will let you know.


Frank Birch
Attached file : TPP Trading the FX majors on a 5 minute time frame showing PnL for 14 months of trading..png (158KB - 46 downloads)

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