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Feature Requests
Cycle Calculator
Last Activity 2/29/2020 8:00 PM
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Subject : Cycle Calculator
Posted : 9/21/2010 4:46 PM
Post #17188

In line with feature requests and this current survey for 2011 - I wanted to ask about a "Cycle Calculator" function? Would something like this even be possible?
Forgive me as I may not be asking this correctly:
For instance, I know we have the 'cycle line drawing tool' which is an added bonus already - however, if there was a way to add in the periods, such as cyclical/duration lows ourselves to form a cycle (as is the way Hurst plots his cycles). So that a rather definitive cycle can be drawn. I'm having a hard time getting out the words but when I figure out a cycle, I'd like to use the drawing tool, then i count the days in between to get a more definitive example. then free hand the cycle in by caluclating the "Magnitude duration" (as described by Hurst)..

I know the divisions can be done in excel by simple calculations but to have it plot somehow onto the chart is the key factor..Other than using the Hurst Plugin.. Or could be added to "Hurst 2.0"
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Subject : RE: Cycle Calculator
Posted : 1/2/2020 11:13 AM
Post #30707 - In reply to #17188

.. bump ..
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Subject : RE: Cycle Calculator
Posted : 1/4/2020 8:46 AM
Post #30715 - In reply to #30707

The Advanced Cycle Trader (ACT) plugin has the spectrum indicator that will show the cycle wavelengths. It also has indicators that can tune to cycles

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