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The DeCycler Oscillator (John F. Ehlers)
Last Activity 10/14/2018 9:04 PM
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Subject : The DeCycler Oscillator (John F. Ehlers)
Posted : 8/14/2015 6:01 PM
Post #23561

Fellow coding enthusiasts:

In the September, 2015 issue of "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities" John F. Ehlers presents his DeCycler Oscillator on pages 12 to 15. Specifically on page 15 he offers Easylanguage Code for the Oscillator.

I have converted that code to OmniLanguage (and it is is a bit tricky with the use of the SIN and COS functions which have to have the angles presented in the EasyLanguage code first converted to radians). That code is offered below.

Please note that the plot is dependant on the number of bars you have loaded as the code "builds" on itself using values calculated in the past.

So, when I fist looked at the plot generated with 500 bars loaded the most recent curves looked fine but not so with those in the past. When I increased my bar load to 750 that problem disappeared.

According to Ehlers, "The interpretation of the decycler oscillator pairs is straightforward. When the yellow line crosses over the red line, a trend reversal to the upside is indicated. When the yellow line crosses under the red line, a trend reversal to the downdise is indicated." (page 14).

Here for comparison is SPY for most of 2014. Compare it to Ehlers' Figure 2 (or better yet the plot given for the AmiBroker interpretation in the Traders' Tips section on page 51):

Now the reversals shown seem to be fairly interesting. But looking at SPY for the better part of this year clearly shows a different story (and was perhaps the reason that the article featured the 2014 period):

I also added to the indicator the ability to utilize it in an OmniScan. Basically I took a list of Liquid Optionable stocks and added the Decycler Oscillator to return both bullish and bearish crosses:

The OmniScan is also included below and can easily by imported into Omnitrader. Remember that the .txt Indicator file needs to be copied to your Nirvana/OT2015/VBA/Indicators folder.


Thomas N. Helget

[Edited by THOMAS HELGET on 8/14/2015 6:06 PM]

Attached file : SPY on OT for Comparison.PNG (41KB - 916 downloads)
Attached file : SPY for this Year.PNG (48KB - 840 downloads)
Attached file : DeCycler OmniScan.PNG (40KB - 753 downloads)
Attached file : DecyclerOscillator.txt (2KB - 295 downloads)
Attached file : _DeCycler_32_Oscillator_32_Crosses.otl (1KB - 240 downloads)

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Keith Parsons

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Subject : RE: The DeCycler Oscillator (John F. Ehlers)
Posted : 8/16/2015 5:35 AM
Post #23562 - In reply to #23561

Hi Tom,
Many thanks for posting this. A subject I have real interest in.
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New User

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Subject : RE: The DeCycler Oscillator (John F. Ehlers)
Posted : 8/19/2015 1:08 PM
Post #23567 - In reply to #23561

Looks great. Thanks!
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