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Just another old fashion love song...
Last Activity 5/30/2020 3:02 PM
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Subject : Just another old fashion love song...
Posted : 5/8/2019 5:44 PM
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I have a project "MyTestStops".

I have one indicator and one system.

The indicator generates -1 and/or 1 pulses every N bars.

The system uses the indicator's output to decide when to generate LongSignals and ShortSignals.


What is not cool is that I spent a couple hours chasing my tail based on the screen grab attached.

What happened? At first my indicator only generated 1 oulses which triggered LongSignals. Latter I decided to enhance the indicator to return short only, alternating, or long only signals. So I added an additional #param and some associated logic.

Try as I could I could not get the indicator to compile. (See attached png.) I commented out EVERY line of code. No go. I created another indicator and cut/pasted the code into my indicator. No go. I deleted all the VBA/Temp files, restarted OT, still no go.

The error being returned by the compiler does not supply the file or line number, even though the first line of the compiler error message indicates it should...

The problem resolution?

The code in my system called my indicator. That code only passed one parameter. I would have changed that AS SOON AS I FINISHED CHANGING MY INDICATOR. The fact that my system (not the file I am compiling or editing) called my indicator (work in progress) with one parameter CAUSED MY INDICATOR COMPILATION TO FAIL!

The only way to resolve this catch 22 was to comment out the line in my system that called the indicator, get a clean compile on the indicator, then change the system code to pass 2 parameters and recompile it.

In any normal software development environment this would never happen.

Lesson learned. Do a global search for all code that calls an indicator, comment out all said code, before making changes to the indicator.

Oh, but the IDE doesn't have Search, let alone Project Search...

Oh well...

Attached file : indNBar.txt (0KB - 38 downloads)
Attached file : sysMySropTest.txt (0KB - 38 downloads)
Attached file : OL parameter list eror.png (91KB - 61 downloads)

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