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Efficieny Ratio
Last Activity 7/18/2020 3:52 AM
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Subject : Efficieny Ratio
Posted : 7/18/2020 3:52 AM
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Once I’ve bought Efficieny Ratio from Price Headley. Now I would like to have this indicator in OT. This is the formula of EffRatio

plot Data = close;

declare lower;

input length = 20;
input lowerERThreshold = -30;
input upperERThreshold = 30;

def NetChange = hl2 - hl2[length];

def incrementalTotalChange = AbsValue(hl2 - hl2[1]);
def TotalChange = sum(incrementalTotalChange,length);

def ERatio = (NetChange/TotalChange) * 100;

plot ER = ERatio;
ER.AssignValueColor(if ER >= upperERThreshold
then Color.RED else if ER <= lowerERThreshold
then Color.RED else Color.RED);

plot LowerThreshold = lowerERThreshold;

plot UpperThreshold = upperERThreshold;

I used the Kaufmann script. Because PriceHeadley uses H+L/2 instead of close price. I changed the close “C” into Median Price “MP”. But I don’t get the same value as I have with the original EffRatio.
What’s wrong


#PARAM "Bars", 10
#PARAM "KI", 40

Dim RMS as Single
Dim VOLA as Single
Dim KER as Single

RMS = MP[1]-MP[Bars]
VOLA = SUM(ABS(MP-MP[1]),Bars)

Plot("Kaufmann",KER, blue, 2)
PlotLabel(KI) 'plot red reference line at 40
PlotLabel(-1*KI) 'plot red reference line at -40

Return KER

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