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OT2021 Pre Release 2D is posted
Last Activity 4/20/2022 5:54 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : OT2021 Pre Release 2D is posted
Posted : 2/24/2021 4:19 PM
Post #31411

OT2021 Pre Release 2D has been posted.


- Trade chevrons are now sychronized across timeframes. For the chevrons of a trade to show in another timeframe, the initial timeframe must be available in the profile. The timeframe a trade was entered in remains displayed on the blue entry chevron.
- Charting from the Portfolio now adds the symbol to the Focus List when a My Symbols list is active. If On Demand Download is enabled, charting from the Portfolio also updates the data.
- Removed the confirmation message when moving stop chevrons with GXTrader & IB.
- When dragging existing stop chevrons, a new form now opens that allows typing in the desired stop level.
- OT now saves historical closed positions with GXTrader & GXT-Paper. OT must connect to GXT on any day that a trade has closed for the historical position to be saved. If a position closes & OT is not connected to GXT for the rest of that day, that position will not be saved.
- Added the Portfolio Equity Curve tab for use with GXTrader & GXT-Paper.
- Trade Plans are now preserved when switching between different GXTrader logins.
- Added a third setting for the MT function. Instead of the last parameter being set to 1 (dynamic) or 2 (previous bar), it can now be set to 3 in order to use the previous bar with actual data instead of building the data from the current timeframe.

Bug Fixes:

- Updated OmniData RT Manager to fix certain cases where retrieving intraday data sometimes caused the software to crash.
- Resolved a problem where downloading intraday data in EOD profiles wasn't updating properly.
- Fixed an issue with the Profit/Loss Focus List columns not updating with GXTrader.
- Corrected an error when opening the Trade Manager interface for an existing position.
- Fixed an issue in OmniScan where scanning fundamentals would cause an error when calculating certain sort values.
- Historical fundamentals now display on the day they are reported rather than the last day of the quarter.
- Fixed an issue with GXTrader where submitting a broker stop if one already existed would cancel the initial stop order.
- Editing the line styles & colors of Quick Indicators can now be performed in a chart without causing a scaling issue of the indicator.
- (ATM) Fixed an error when a market state force closed a trade that also had another trade entering on the same bar for the same symbol.
- (ATM) Corrected an error in Portfolio Simulation analyzing market state methods using a forward test when no forward test exists.
- (ATM) Resolved an issue where optimizing methods using the Max Avg Annual ROI / Avg Annual MDD setting would not return results in Portfolio Simulation.
- (ATM) Fixed an error caused by canceling an unexecuted ATM order after AutoTrade submitted it to GXTrader.
- (PairTrader) Fixed an issue that caused spread trade plans to be lost after restarting OT.
- (OptionTrader) The Option Grid tabs now display intra-week chain labels when needed.
- (Nirvana Club) Fixed an analysis error when a strategy had a Confirm block immediately following a GA block.


Here are instructions for downloading the update:

1. OmniTrader must be closed during any install.
2. Click on your Start Menu/Programs/OmniTrader20##/Omnitrader Updater & you'll be taken to the update page.
3. The most recent update will be selected already, so click Submit. (You do not need to install previous updates since previous versions are included in the latest update)
4. Click the Install button.
5. Select Run or Save. (Save first, then run if you have any trouble)
6. Run the update to install it. (If saved, the file is called OmniTraderPackage.exe) Finished!
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