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OT2021 Pre Release 2E is posted
Last Activity 6/27/2022 12:22 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : OT2021 Pre Release 2E is posted
Posted : 4/2/2021 7:44 PM
Post #31484

OT2021 Pre Release 2E has been posted.


- Added support for ATM4.
- Added support for ATM RS Boost.
- The yellow chevron is now always available in charts.
- In Realtime profiles, the current bid & ask prices are now shown in the price pane of the chart. This may be disabled under the Chart tab inside Chart Options.
- Profit/Loss Percent is now displayed in the Portfolio's Position History tab.
- Consolidated the Sort & Watch List options in the Focus List right-click menu.
- The Current Positions, New Signals, & Flagged Symbols lists are now supported when MarketScans is synched.
- Closing OmniTrader now compacts & repairs certain OmniData database files.
- Updated the Spread field in the database for the 6 major Forex pairs.
- Added "Set as Dynamic Scan" to the Focus List right-click menu. This setting changes a scan to act as a dynamic scan. It may then be ran from within the ToDo List.
- When Analyze All Lists in This Profile is set in the ToDo List, "Run Scan Dynamically" is now accessible & will be performed on any existing dynamic scans that are set in the profile. The setting will be grayed out if no dynamic scans exist.
- AutoTrade EOD now runs any scan dynamically if any dynamic scans are enabled & used in the profile.
- AutoTrade EOD will now run analysis tasks on the current list or on all lists in the profile depending on the analysis setting in the ToDo List.
- Added a setting in AutoTrade EOD to "Trade From" the current list or from all lists in the profile. This setting will determine what list(s) trades will come from.
- Added additional Historical Fundamentals for use with OmniData EOD. These may be accessed in the Formula Builder or with the Fundamental Indicator. The Fundamentals added include: Current Ratio (Quarterly), Free Cash Flow per Share, Net Earnings Per Share (Diluted), Shares Outstanding (Quarterly), Total Revenues, & Weighted Shares Outstanding (diluted).
- Added a new OmniLanguage plotting function to show custom text on the price chart. This is the basic syntax: PlotText("Name", Price, "Text") Note that the text must be explicitly set to an empty string in order to avoid printing the prior bar's value.

Bug Fixes:

- The GXT-Paper account that was last connected to is now remembered.
- Fixed a display issue with new Open Positions in GXTrader if a broker reconnect occurred before orders executed.
- Closing a position manually while connected to GXTrader or GXT-Paper now submits the closing order as GTC instead of DAY.
- Fixed an issue with the Performance Detail crashing OT when there were a lot of trades.
- Since Flash has been discontinued, the Tutorials toolbar button now links to the OmniTrader Help Center.
- Fixed an OmniScan error when approximately 14 or more sort value scans were enabled in a single profile. Note that the error will still occur when more than 26 sort value scans are enabled.
- Scans that incorporate starting populations of other scans now use the results after the sort value instead of the results before the sort value.
- Resolved an error when placing trade plans on Tick timeframes.
- Fixed an error when collecting data & analyzing certain symbols using Tick timeframes.
- Fixed an issue where historical positions were sometimes contributing to the realtime symbol count.
- Clicking the Pencil when a dynamic scan is is use in Lab Mode no longer disables it's dynamic properties.
- Disabling a dynamic scan from the Focus List right-click menu no longer disables all dynamic scans in the profile.
- (ATM) Fixed issues related to using dynamic scans with ATM.
- (ATM) The "Use In Trade Signals" setting, when used with CMS, now determines trades per individual market state rather than globally across all market states.


Here are instructions for downloading the update:

1. OmniTrader must be closed during any install.
2. Click on your Start Menu/Programs/OmniTrader20##/Omnitrader Updater & you'll be taken to the update page.
3. The most recent update will be selected already, so click Submit. (You do not need to install previous updates since previous versions are included in the latest update)
4. Click the Install button.
5. Select Run or Save. (Save first, then run if you have any trouble)
6. Run the update to install it. (If saved, the file is called OmniTraderPackage.exe) Finished!
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