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OT 2021 V2I don't pick my open positions of IB
Last Activity 3/14/2023 7:47 AM
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Subject : OT 2021 V2I don't pick my open positions of IB
Posted : 8/31/2021 3:10 AM
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Last week I had to install the latest version of TWS and IB gateway (the version that I had was too old and wouldn’ be supported anymore, through a message in IB gateway)
So I had to move to TWS 981.3c and IB Gateway Version 981.3C
But then I still had OT version 2021 V 2E and everything seemed to work perfectly with my integrated brokeradge connection and tradeplan followup.

This weekend I installed the latest OT version OT2021 V2I
I had an open position with IB and when i reconnected Sunday evening with my IB gateway 981.3c and OT2021 v2i, he wouldn’t show me my open position on my chart and my stops of the open tradeplan? also in the focus list it didn’t show me en “up arrow” in my Position column, is was like I had no open positions!!
At the end i canceled the position in TWS manually
I tested it again today and I can connect to the IB gateway

So I tested if I could enter a position of 1 micro future (MESU1) and it did pass the order and was followed by its tradeplan on the chart
I did try to close the position (right clicked on the chevron and clicked on “close position” and it did close the posiion perfectly.
So I did a second test whereby I bought again 1 micorfuture “mesu1”, it passed and was followed up with the stops of my tradeplan,
then I closed the broker connection in OT2021 And restarted the same connection one minute aftherwards and it didn’t show my open order, also no “up arrow” in my position column of the focus list
So it was as If I had no open position !! Finally I had to close the IB gateway, open TWS and manually close that open position.

Same happens when in the evening the new IB gateway 981.3c restarts automatically,
This new IB gateway 981.3c requires that it restarts each evening, you don’t need to re-enter your security code but in OT I have to disconnect and reconnect the IB account every evening, very annoying

Did someone already encounter that problem and can you help me to solve this “not showing my open position”-problem, because I want to continue my automatic trading with OT2021 and IB


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Attached file : IBgateway981.png (32KB - 97 downloads)

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