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Feature Requests
Last Activity 7/19/2022 6:39 AM
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Boris Lund

Posts: 59

Joined: 12/9/2021

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Subject : Discord
Posted : 7/14/2022 4:50 AM
Post #32051

Can we have a discord channel?

I am sure we would benefit a lot from a discord channel were we could share TA setups combined with macro economic thoughts.
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Posts: 403

Joined: 3/12/2006
Location: Brighton, Colorado

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Subject : RE: Discord
Posted : 7/14/2022 10:23 AM
Post #32053 - In reply to #32051

Looks like there already is one. Looks like the link is still active. I tried joining last year, had lots of problems with Discord, gave up.

From a June 2021 "Catch a Wave" email:

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Nirvana Systems Discord Server that was mentioned in our last webinar.
Discord CAW Channel

The Nirvana Team and I have been active in the CAW channel for the past week and it has really sprung to life nicely. We've already posted a number of CAW trades and tips on getting the most out of the software.

Today is the day you get to experience the magic of being in an active trading room with fellow CAW traders, sharing information, asking questions, and gaining insights on how to find most profitable Setups.

Benefits of a Discord Community
• The Catch A Wave Discord community allows you to stay up to date on all the current Setups, Recent Trades, and Education.
• Share ideas with other traders using Catch A Wave, get new ideas, prospects and much more.
• You also gain access to exclusive Catch A Wave Education presented by the Nirvana Systems Trading Team.
To Join the CAW Channel...
• Simply Register using this link:
• Select the Catch A Wave Room and explore what this great service has to offer.
• We will be adding new content and rooms periodically.
Join us starting tomorrow!

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Posts: 13

Joined: 9/7/2012
Location: South Africa

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Subject : RE: Discord
Posted : 7/14/2022 11:25 AM
Post #32054 - In reply to #32051

Great Idea, also tried to join a few months ago but was told that it was no longer being used.
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Ryan Olson

Posts: 170

Joined: 12/29/2006
Location: Austin, Tx

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Subject : RE: Discord
Posted : 7/18/2022 2:21 PM
Post #32058 - In reply to #32051

As a company we had taken a break from discord but have stared to use it again for various projects.

You can sign up for our discord at

Please keep in mind that some users may have problems setting up their accounts and our internal support is not equipped to help with these issues. So please use supplied resources for assistance.

I have many rooms on our discord that are hidden and I can create/open up a TA one for use.

Hope this helps!

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Posts: 13

Joined: 9/7/2012
Location: South Africa

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Subject : RE: Discord
Posted : 7/19/2022 6:39 AM
Post #32059 - In reply to #32051

Hi Ryan, that's great I have just joined.
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