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Archived Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ regarding volume
Last Activity 11/28/2017 3:25 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : FAQ regarding volume
Posted : 3/4/2005 4:27 PM
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Q: What does the number at the bottom right of the chart indicate?


The number at the bottom right of the chart below the price represents the highest point of the volume bars that is currently visible to you.

Q: How do I interpret the volume in the Data Values window?


When looking at the volume bars, use this to determine the amount of volume it represents...
K = 1,000 M = 1,000,000

For example if the volume is 3.8K, the actual volume is 3,800, & if the volume shows 3.8M, the actual volume is 3,800,000.

Q: How can I add a moving average to volume?


To get a moving average into the volume bars, right-click the chart & select Add Indicator. Select the Volume Moving Average indicator.

Q: Can the volume bars color be changed?


Yes. Click your Chart Options button followed by the Colors tab. Select the Custom Color scheme.

Q: Can the volume bars width be changed?


Not at this time, but it is a feature request. The Volume Systems 2 plugin has a Volume Heat Indicator that can be used as Volume & its width can be changed though.

Q: Can the volume bars be removed?


Yes. In OT2010 PR5C we added the ability to hide the Volume pane in charts. This option is under the chart tab in the Chart Options menu.

Q: Why is there no volume on most indices?

Different datafeeds will handle volume on indexes differently assuming it is available. Some data providers may calculate an approximate or estimated volume data themselves from the index constituents.

OmniData EOD does not have index volume. This information is not provided to us in the data stream from our source.

OmniData RT has volume for a few indexes: $INDU, $DJI, $DJU, $GDOW, $PSE. This is the data we receive from the exchanges that we send out for public redistribution.

Esignal states, "For the majority of indices, volume information either doesn't exist, is too intensive to calculate or we simply haven't had enough interest to add it as an enhancement. There are a few exceptions, however. Examples include $DJI or $INDU, for which the CBOT is providing volume data. We do supply a number of volume-specific indices as well. Take the NYSE for ex. $NYA is the NYSE Composite while $TVOL is the NYSE composite volume. For NASDAQ, use $COMPQ for the index value and $TVOLQ for the volume information. In the case of symbols like $TICK or $TRIN, the volume histogram in a chart represents tick volume or the number of updates per interval."

[Edited by Barry Cohen on 2/27/2007 10:02 AM]

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