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How can I reinstall my OT2014 Trade Plans?
Last Activity 11/28/2017 3:25 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : How can I reinstall my OT2014 Trade Plans?
Posted : 10/30/2009 11:21 AM
Post #17970

Q: How can I reinstall my OT2014 Trade Plans?


There is no setting in OT to set back to defaults. But what you can do is download the original ones here. These are the basic trade plans that get installed with OmniTrader 2014. These are all from a new installation & have not been edited.

Installation instructions:

1. Click on the trade plan to download.
2. Then save the attachment into the C:\Program Files\Nirvana\OT2014\TradePlans folder or if you changed your default location, in the ?\Nirvana\OT2014\TradePlans folder.

*These .ott files cannot be opened. They just need to be installed in the location above & then OT will show them in the Trade Plan list.*

Attached file : (84KB - 231 downloads)
Attached file : Default - (92KB - 231 downloads)
Attached file : (92KB - 237 downloads)
Attached file : (84KB - 224 downloads)
Attached file : Eighths Stop - Partial (124KB - 226 downloads)
Attached file : Eighths (92KB - 227 downloads)
Attached file : Long Term (108KB - 238 downloads)
Attached file : Medium Term (92KB - 232 downloads)
Attached file : Partial Exit - (96KB - 245 downloads)
Attached file : Partial (108KB - 224 downloads)
Attached file : Short Term (92KB - 244 downloads)
Attached file : Short (84KB - 224 downloads)
Attached file : Short (84KB - 209 downloads)
Attached file : Trailing Stop - (92KB - 230 downloads)
Attached file : (84KB - 230 downloads)

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