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Subject : RE: please help..need 2005 ot trading strategies
Posted : 1/23/2010 7:47 PM
Post #19388 - In reply to #19356

Well, an upgrade would definitely solve the problem. But, I'm never in favor of telling someone to spend money but you sure would be pleased with the changes that have been made over the years (especially this year).

So Nirvana said they basically can't help you and give you the original strategies?

I can see how this might be difficult. I can easily give you my strategies and attach them. they are probably the same strategies that came with OT in 2005 but will only work on this upgrade in 2010. So, that won't do you any good.

I do have discs going back to 2006. Maybe you can work something out with Nirvana and I can send them to you. I'll contact them Monday.

Lastly, is your OT running at all? How is it you have OT running and not the strategies, other than you deleting them?

This just dawned on me.. this actually maybe a simple fix.. I don't know how many versions this goes back on - but..
if you go into your "To Do List" - then click the Strategy Tab.. this is the list where you should see your strategies. Click "NEW" - this should bring up a window that allows you to choose from:

**These are your actual origingal strategies! HOWEVER, I do not know if OT2005 has this capability. But its worth a try..
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