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Subject : Profile not recognized
Posted : 12/7/2014 11:35 PM
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It took me a few days to get OT up and running again as it was down on both my computers... Once I got one of them working, I had a problem where it only halfway opened -- see attached "this is what OT opens too". It only opened a focus list and a chart window.. nothing else.

So being it wouldn't fully open into a profile, I couldnt change or access anything - menu, properties, edit, file, etc etc..

The only way to close was "End Task". By going into c/programfiles/nirvana/ot/profiles, I deleted the profile which only half worked. I then got OT open, into an older profile. I then needed to create a new profile -- this is where additional problems started.

After deleting those profiles, I managed to create two new "Stocks" which did not work.. So I created a new one "StocksEOD". OT does not recognize these profiles. they are in the folder and menu, yet it will not open them..

**Repair databases did not work..

See attached --

[Edited by julesrulesny on 12/7/2014 11:39 PM]

Attached file : error.jpg (25KB - 167 downloads)
Attached file : error2.jpg (21KB - 161 downloads)
Attached file : OTlog.txt (54KB - 191 downloads)
Attached file : stocks prof.jpg (27KB - 156 downloads)
Attached file : This is what OT opens too.jpg (169KB - 182 downloads)
Attached file : OTlog 2.txt (21KB - 228 downloads)

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