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Subject : RE: Expectancy Testing
Posted : 1/13/2017 2:29 PM
Post #38682 - In reply to #38679


Outstanding work, as usual!

I would think that these results would hold up well in HRE trading. (But I thought that about a lot of RTM strategies and OV approaches...) I really hope this translates into real world returns!

So my questions are probably more towards Nirvana, but -

1)When might we expect to see all the OV RTM strategies upgraded to include the Expectancy Block?

2) When might we expect to see ARM5 AI and GA enhanced strategies in OV?

3) Mark, will you need to redo all your work picking ETF/Strategy pairs once new strategies are available?

4) As a stop gap, might we expect Expectancy filtering of trade candidates in OV soon?

5) Mark, has flexible by design turned around since I bailed?

And a personal note - over many years (and many thousands of dollars) I've seen RTM strategies perform superbly in back and forward tests on historical data, only to grind to a halt at the HRE. Call me a skeptic but I think I'm going to need 6 - 12 months of HRE profits in a demo account before I'm willing to throw more hard cash at a system.

Of course, if someone can come up with a logical explanation for why RTM strategies stop working every time I start trading them, I'd be very interested in hearing it.



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