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Subject : RE: Intra Day Time Frames in and EOD Profile
Posted : 3/14/2017 1:19 PM
Post #40868 - In reply to #40849

I did a repair install of OT and started from scratch with an EOD futures profile. I progressively added symbols and strategies and tested along the way.
With 27 symbols, nine strategies, 500 bars and the 60m, D and W time frame the profile worked fine. I added a 240m data period and it failed. The first message was that the symbol being plotted was not in the database yet it was fine before the 240m was added. It did eventually load, test and plot all timeframes. I have attached other screenshots to see if you can determine anything about what may be happening.
A totally separate issue was the discovery that a futures spread froze OT. Question here is the spread is built in OT with valid symbols that each plot individualy.
Attached file : N_clnotfound.jpg (142KB - 48 downloads)
Attached file : N_delete.jpg (137KB - 43 downloads)
Attached file : N_spread.jpg (142KB - 39 downloads)
Attached file : N_timeout.jpg (82KB - 47 downloads)
Attached file : N_IQConnectLog.txt (74KB - 48 downloads)

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