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Barry Cohen

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Subject : RE: Scanning i Zones
Posted : 12/4/2017 2:49 PM
Post #42771 - In reply to #42759

I asked Jeff & he said to try:

C < (iZD_Top(1.4,6,5,16,1.5))+ATR(20)*.5.

That will provide all stocks with 1/2 an ATR of the demand top. It will also give you all stocks well below it, so what you probably want is:

C < (iZD_Top(1.4,6,5,16,1.5))+ATR(20)*.5 AND C > (iZD_Top(1.4,6,5,16,1.5))-ATR(20)*.5

This will scan for all stocks within a 1/2 ATR above AND below the demand top.

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