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Dynamic Optimization of Bol - C(13,2)
Last Activity 12/31/2013 1:06 PM
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Joined: 12/16/2007
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Subject : Dynamic Optimization of Bol - C(13,2)
Posted : 8/5/2012 9:26 PM
Post #26989

If anyone can conferm their getting the same information for Dynamic Optimization of Bol - C(13,2) on the $SPX. :

Short Signal: $SPX
Strategy: BOL - C(13,2)
Signal Date: Mon. Oct 31, 2011
Entry Date: Tues Nov 1, 2011
Entry Price: 1253.3
Exit Date: Fri Feb 3, 2012
Exit Price: 1322.9
Stop Name: Fixed Loss Stop
Loss: 7.31%

This is the closest signal generated. But the big question is I thought(this was inferred from the demo video}the red and green triangles would be dynamic optimization on the chart, and not just in the vote line. If you put up a chart(with out dynamic optimization) of the bollinger Band Crossover: you the same exact signals. Perhaps I am doing this all wrong.
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Jim Dean

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Subject : RE: Dynamic Optimization of Bol - C(13,2)
Posted : 8/5/2012 10:09 PM
Post #26990 - In reply to #26989

Red & green triangles are plotted on the chart if you apply a System to the Chart. That has nothing to do with Dyn Opt, nor will doing so create a vote line at all. Those are just the raw entry signals from the base System. Dyn Opt does not affect that by-itself-System plot at all.

If you activate a Strategy, w/ or w/o Dyn Opt, you will see a vote line (a Strat is what creates a voteline, not a plotted System) and depending on your chart properties, you may see some vertical lines on the chart &/or lines related to the trade plan or order block's selected Exits. But by itself, that Strat won't plot the red and green triangles on the chart if you have not also loaded a System.

It sounds like you have both - a System applied to the chart, and an active Strategy creating a vote line. If Dyn Opt is turned on, it may be the the vote line does not match the plotted triangles at some point(s). Or maybe it does - depends on the details of how the Dyn Opt is set up.

If this explanation does not clear it up, you'll need to provide a snapshot of the chart showing the expanded vote line, and a snap of the chart properties > Systems screen, and a snap of the Strategies list window showing which strat(s) are checked as active. .

[Edited by Jim Dean on 8/5/2012 10:16 PM]

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