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Nirvana Trading Lab
Oustanding Results Continue
Last Activity 12/18/2014 12:40 PM
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Subject : Oustanding Results Continue
Posted : 5/20/2014 5:45 PM
Post #31320

I have been watching your daily results and at times participating in your Trading Lab and wish to continue to congratulate the Nirvana Team on your outstanding results. As a new venture, I was very curious how your team would fare in its debut with real time trading but have been amazed at how quickly and consistently you have remained profitable with your summary results each day. My favorite is Ryan Olsen's Rhino Trade. All I can say to your team is keep up the great work!

I was also wondering if you had any possible plans to expand this room into E-Mini futures trading (ES)? You might need only one person to follow the ES contract since opportunities would be far less than the basket of multiple stocks you follow now.

If you have done as well as you have with RT stocks, I would imagine with all the advantages of trading futures, you would really knock the ball out of the park with any highly liquid futures contract such as the ES, YM, CL or GS. More than anything, it would give your clients who just want to trade the AM session a better opportunity to make money. Your results are outstanding but I am not sure I could sit in front of my computer all day long trading stocks. Any chance you would consider an AM session with Futures?
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Ryan Olson

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Subject : RE: Oustanding Results Continue
Posted : 5/21/2014 10:24 AM
Post #31321 - In reply to #31320


You are very kind and we deeply appreciate you taking the time to give us this great complement. Our team has worked very hard on getting the trading lab up to where it is and we are ecstatic about how quickly this is catching on.

As for the RhinoMethod - this has been a labor of love that I am constantly tweaking to improve. I feel it is very close and it makes me happy that it may have benefited and others in the room.

As for futures... I do watch and trade the ES almost daily. We have spoken in the past about possible ways to include this in the service but haven't ironed out anything concrete as of yet.

I will keep you posted on it!

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