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Subject : Please Nirvana, we need more forex brokers.
Posted : 3/5/2016 5:46 PM
Post #25024

Just want to bring up the subject of support for additional forex brokers again. I see people on this forum asking for this since at least 2008. Each time Nirvana answers "it's just a matter of time". So far no improvement has happened, things become even worse - only one broker is currently supported.
When I started trading forex I chose Nirvana and OmniTrader Pro because of the possibility of automated trading. I spent $2000 and a few years to learn the software and write my system on this platform. I was happy to use omnipilot with MBTrading but now it was bought by TradeKing, which is not supported by Omnitrader. Please understand my situation - I have an excellent software that I like, the perfect trading system, but I can not trade, it's useless without broker support. Is Omnitrader a trading software or what?. If yes why it can not work with the broker of my choice? I can not move to IB because of their requirements. IB is just not for everyone.
Nirvana offered me to buy visual trader which has integration with the TradeKing. But this is not the same. How can I use all this 3D pictures in forex trading? Why should I buy the expensive program which I do not need? The best way - offer a trial of visual trader to all MB/TradeKing customers until you have finished the integration of TradeKing into Omnitrader. Maybe some of us will like this program and buy a license.
Nirvana is focusing on making profit on existing customers - constantly releases upgrades, plugins. This is not a step forward, it can not be forever. That's ok, but what about new customers? You have to sell us 10 upgrades to get the same profit as the one Omnitrader Pro license. Imagine that I'am a potential customer, looking for a software for the development of my system and automation of trading. I will be interested in your program but do not buy it because it does not support my broker. I'll buy NinjaTrader because of many brokers support and price is twice cheaper than Omnitrader and I see their name every time I login to my broker web site. Of course Omnitrader is better regarding the development of trading systems and testing, but how many people know this? Why not to do like NinjaTrader and many others? Talk to brokers, place your banners on their sites. They may offer Omnitrader as an advanced trading platform with the possibility of testing and automation of trading in addition to their own platforms. Brokers have a huge customer base and they do not want to invest in the development of advanced technical analysis programs. Who is your customers? - Traders. Where are all the traders? - At brokers. Just think about it.
I believe that Omnitrader/Visualtrader is already good enough as a technical analysis tool, as a prospecting tool, enough plugins and strategies.It is already unique software but it is nothing without the ability to use all of these capabilities in real trading. Let's put all resources on the improvement of what we really need and ask for many years- the stability and support of brokers. I know about plans to add support of TradeKing into Omnitrader but it still not enough. We need a choice. Let's make a poll among customers about which brokers we want to see in the Nirvana software. I would like to see FXCM and in the brokers list. If you are able to integrate TradeKing into VisualTrader why not to add support of As a computer engineer and a customer of both companies, I understand that they share the same platform, one server and one API. FXCM provides API compatible with .net(compatible with Omnitrader) and they are a data provider for the iqfeed, so we can see exact same prices in Omnitrader and in broker terminal. It would be perfect combination.
The stock market is popular only in US, in the rest of the world forex is most popular market. Forex trading is completely different from trading in the stock market. This market is moving so fast that while you switch between windows, you can lose 5-10 pips. All possibilities of complex tradeplans become useless in manual trading on fast moving market. Forex is open 24 hours a day, so how to trade at night? We really need automation. It seems that Omnitrader is for small group of people who trade stocks and tied to a single broker. Let's make it for everyone. So Nirvana, we invest in you, please care about us, don't leave us to wait for decades. Here are serious people who work with money and valued time. So give us a clear answer whether the support for additional brokers and when?

Best regards
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