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Hey Ed!

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Subject : RE: OT 2018
Posted : 11/27/2017 3:43 PM
Post #29698 - In reply to #29685

I got my mailer today Nov 27. Upgrades look very interesting.

One biggie for me is the ability to define alerts on select indicator conditions on one symbol or accros a focus list. It also appears to have a time frame list bar. I envision CCI (perhaps MACD) heads up alert conditions on the 5 minute time frame accross a circumspect focus list. Hope hope hope!

Another is the dynamic chart period wheel mouse feature to change periodicity for multiple timeframes. I hope it's oriented to one's data period time frame selections (different than current mouse wheel scrolling).

Finally, there is a highly graphic support resistance zone PlugIn option which is enabled in any data period and proported to be effective for position entry and for shaping trade targets - all due to special Nirvana computations - looks very interesting as a visual confirming supplement.

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