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Jeff Brown

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Subject : RE: RhinoHMA Strategy - Is it Possible?
Posted : 1/22/2020 4:11 PM
Post #30735 - In reply to #30731

More progress today and beginning to do some testing with a paper account.

First image: Each chart is in a different time frame. The top Left is in sync with the active time frame (Range 1ATR(14)/39 Minutes). In the chart you will see a red line (Position Fixed Stop Loss) and a gray line (Position Trailing Stop). The Trailing Stop is acting as the exit. There is also a stop in the TP to exit before expiration.

The results of the one signal shown on the vote line of the upper right chart. More work needed to have the Option Search improve the selection of which Option to use.

A look at the strategy with multiple time frames. In talking with Barry, the Systems block must be using the Current time period. That's why I've set the Active Time Period (bottom of the first image) to Range 1ATR(14)/39 Minutes. Then, I used 2 confirm blocks -- each with a different time frame (Current - 1 is the Renko 20 Minute and Current - 2 is Daily). Filtering with a quick confirmation that Woodies CCI and MACD Hist are both either positive or if negative, they are moving toward zero.

A quick look at the Trade Plan -- the trailing stop is using a percentage of the ATR to act as the cushion and follow the trade up.

Final image is Auto Trade. Barry just surprised me with news that AT can handle Real Time trade automation. I've only used it for EOD. The cool part is, you can set the start and end trading time. Al started at 11:00 EST. I'll open up that window initially to shake it out.

The one aspect that AT is lacking is it doesn't have a fixed quantity to trade, only a $ or %. I'll try those out to see how it reacts and how many contracts are being generated with an order. I'm guessing I may need to set a low % but round to 10 contracts. If anyone has experience with this to configure it so it trades a specific number of options, I'd love to hear from you.

Final image -- the Trade Calculator. I have it set to manually assign a quantity of 1000. I don't know if this is used or not with AT, but if you manually open the trade, you will see just above the Trade Calculator window that 1000 = 10 option contracts. Barry tells me that this is because TC was originally created for stocks and that is why. Just ignore the lower right portion of the Trade Calculator that says Final Size: 1000 Shares\Contracts. It really means shares. I'm hoping TC comes into play with AT but I'm going to guess it will ignore TC.

While this isn't exactly the way Al Fyfe described his system at the BASH, it looks to be coming close to entering at about the right time, selecting a good SPY option to trade and then exiting with a hansom profit.

I'll post more after I let it run for awhile.

[Edited by Jeff Brown on 1/22/2020 4:13 PM]

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