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Replying to message 28482
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : OT2017 Pre Release 2F is posted
Posted : 3/30/2017 3:33 PM
Post #28482

OT2017 Pre Release 2F has been posted.


- Added support for SqueezeTrader.
- Added KC Channel Classic to the base indicator library which adds additional parameters, ATR Periods & Width, to the original.
- (Nirvana Club) - GA & NN plot graphs have been rescaled to show more information.

Bug Fixes:

- Corrected a problem with Heikin-Ashi bars in realtime not building properly on the right edge.
- Fixed an issue where the current daily bar would not display using IQ Feed for futures using certain non-US timezones.
- The Current Positions list in the Focus List, when used with GXTrader, now always reflects the positions of the selected account.
- Resolved an issue where clicking in a chart would cause the hourglass cursor to briefly show.


Here are instructions for downloading the update:

1. OmniTrader must be closed during any install.
2. Click on your Start Menu/Programs/OmniTrader201#/Omnitrader Updater & you'll be taken to the update page.
3. The most recent update will be selected already, so click Submit. (You do not need to install previous updates since previous versions are included in the latest update)
4. Click the Install button.
5. Select Run or Save. (Save first, then run if you have any trouble)
6. Run the update to install it. (If saved, the file is called OmniTraderPackage.exe) Finished!

Nirvana Systems
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