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OT2020 Pre Release 2I is posted
Last Activity 1/8/2021 6:04 PM
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Barry Cohen

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Subject : OT2020 Pre Release 2I is posted
Posted : 4/17/2020 6:42 PM
Post #31021

OT2020 Pre Release 2I has been posted.


- Added support for ATM Resilient.
- Improved startup time.
- Chart templates no longer compile on startup.
- The ToDo List now opens faster.
- Updated the user interface for the upload strategy to OmniVest feature.
- Uploading a strategy to OmniVest now automatically selects any OmniLanguage files used within the strategy.
- (GroupTrader) Added a report that displays Group/ETF constituents & group related values for each Group & ETF in the Focus List. Open GroupTrader Settings & click the Export Groups/ETFs button.
- (ATM) Added setting to Scale Trade Size to Full Allocation under ATM's CMS tab. This ensures that you are fully allocated across multiple concurrent market states. Trade sizes will be scaled up or down so that it can not only take all trades available, but also allowing the trades to reach full allocation.
- (Nirvana Club) Added GA block setting to Combine Hits up to the exit signal to lessen the amount of unnecessary combined hits.
- (Nirvana Club) When Tune HR & Tune Hits are both enabled together, a ratcheting technique is now used allowing the tuning method to achieve better results.

Bug Fixes:

- Corrected a problem with the Net Change statistic in RT profiles showing the same value as Net Percent Change.
- Fixed an error using the draw signal tool on the right edge with the Guppy Fixed CBL Stop.
- Fixed an issue where color charts referencing other symbols would cause slowdown.
- Resolved a chart issue where resizing an indicator pane would expand to the entire chart after deleting the first of two indicators.
- Corrected an error when analyzing forex & other symbols using the newer advisor rating.
- Fixed an issue with the All Analyzed Symbols list not showing analyzed symbols from other My Symbols lists.
- The Focus List columns for subgroup, group, & sector are now sortable with Zacks.
- The Zacks rank indicators now show zeroes on the chart right edge when Zacks no longer provides a ranking for a stock.
- Fixed a problem with Zacks OmniScan group lists not analyzing.
- Corrected an OmniData subscription error occuring in RT Futures profiles.
- (GroupTrader) ETFs no longer error when the sort is set to something besides EWeight.
- (CPRM) Cup & Handle patterns should no longer generate when the handle's low is lower than cup's low.
- (RTSS3) Resolved an installation problem that resulted in errors in some strategies.
- (ATM) Fixed an issue when using AutoTrade with option methods where it was calculating the investment value of open option positions incorrectly resulting in newer trades failing to submit.
- (ATM) Using Trade Rankings no longer requires entering formulas for both Long & Short conditions.
- (ATM3) Corrected a problem with Automation results when using multiple methods at the same time that contained the same market states.
- (ATM3) Fixed a redundant processing issue using the intersection scoring method of Automation.
- (Nirvana Club) Fixed a case where opening & canceling forms in the GA block would not save some changes.


Here are instructions for downloading the update:

1. OmniTrader must be closed during any install.
2. Click on your Start Menu/Programs/OmniTrader20##/Omnitrader Updater & you'll be taken to the update page.
3. The most recent update will be selected already, so click Submit. (You do not need to install previous updates since previous versions are included in the latest update)
4. Click the Install button.
5. Select Run or Save. (Save first, then run if you have any trouble)
6. Run the update to install it. (If saved, the file is called OmniTraderPackage.exe) Finished!
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