Integrated Brokerage for OmniTrader Professional

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  • Integrated Brokerage
    Saves You Time

    We have implemented two brokerages, Interactive Brokers and MB Trading, to make your trading easier than ever before, using Integrated Brokerage for OmniTrader and VisualTrader.


    Want to adjust a stop? Just grab a chevron and move it like magic, your stop is automatically updated with the broker. Nothing could be simpler. With Integrated Brokerage you never have to take your eyes off the chart to fumble with typing in orders.


    Once you have an account with either broker, you can discover for yourself just how quick and easy trading with Nirvana's Integrated Brokerage is.


    To read more about Integrated Brokerage, click here.




  • Brokers Supported

    Interactive Brokers


    Interactive Brokers


    MB Trading


    MB Trading


  • Automated Trading
    with OmniPilot

    When you are ready to use OmniPilot for actual trading with a broker, you must obtain a special license key from us. It is FREE, but you will need to sign a liability waiver/agreement to obtain the key to unlock the functionality in OmniPilot. OmniPilot is only available to OmniTrader Professional users.


    Please print, sign and fax the agreement to Nirvana to receive your CD-key.


    User Agreement