Successful traders know that finding a good entry point is only one part of the successful trading equation. Exits are just as important as entries – if not more so! The Dynamic Profit Module represents a unique and profitable approach to managing your trades, and it is only available to OmniTrader 2011 owners. 

Dynamic Profit Module

One of the Most Powerful Trading Products
Ever Released!

The Dynamic Profit Module uses cycle analysis to project the next move – in price and time. By analyzing how a market has moved in the past, the module can calculate where and when the next reversal point is most likely to occur.

This chart for Disney shows the cycles found by the Dynamic Profit Module (in blue) and the resulting projection (in red). Notice how the stock has moved in an orderly fashion along its projected path – amazing!

The Dynamic Profit Module projections can be used to help confirm trades. Reversal signals can be confirmed if price is near the next projected reversal point, and trending signals can be confirmed if price still has adequate distance in the projection. But the highest value of this projection is that it allows us to calculate trading targets.

The Dynamic Profit Module Target Tool

Whether you are looking for a quick profit or trying to find an extended move, the Dynamic Profit Module will provide you with the targets that will take your trading to a new level of profitability. Fibonacci Retracements, Tirone Levels, Fibonacci Targets and Custom Levels allow you to determine which targets best fit your trading style.

Drafting off of the cycle analysis provided in the module, the Dynamic Profit Module will generate targets on your charts automatically every time you are considering a trade.

At the beginning of September, a signal is generated by OmniTrader. The Dynamic Profit Module automatically plots your selected target. One month later, price has followed the projection and hit your target – that’s a gain of 32%!

The Dynamic Profit Module Includes:

  • Advanced Cycle Analysis
    Fully customizable cycle analysis lets you configure the module to match your trading style.
  • Cycle Projections
    Price and time are projected by the Dynamic Profit Module to help you evaluate potential trades.
  • Dynamic Trading Targets
    Whether you are conservative or aggressive, intelligent trading targets are provided to help you maximize trading profits.
  • NEW Rule of Eighth’s Trading Tool
    Ed Downs’ Rule of Eighth’s Tool has been developed for manual and automated trading.
  • NEW Stops and Filters for Strategy Development
    The trading targets in the Dynamic Profit Module can be used in your OmniTrader Trading Strategies.
  • The Power to Trade with Confidence Seminar
    Learn how to harness the power of this module as well as all of the new features in OmniTrader 2011.

The DYNAMIC Rule of Eighth’s

Ed Downs’ original vision for the Rule of Eighth’s trade management tool has now been acheived with the new Dynamic Rule of Eighth’s. This tool can now take advantage of the Dynamic Profit Module’s cycle analysis to fully realize a trade’s profit potential.

This chart for Monsanto shows the Rule of Eighth’s applied to the Dynamic Profit Modules Projection. By following the Rule of Eighth’s, we are able to follow this trade to maximum gains!

Fully Automated Dynamic Profit Module Stops

The Dynamic Profit Module allows you to fully automate the all of the targets in your OmniTrader strategies. Classic fixed profit targets are often used in trading, but our research has shown that substituting these targets for the fixed targets often leads to not only higher accuracy but higher gains as well. When you purchase the Dynamic Profit Module, the accompanying seminar will show you to juice your strategies with these powerful new trading tools.