GroupTrader 3.0 is the best tool available for trading Industry Group Rotations PERIOD. No other software on the offers the power and convenience of reviewing Groups and Signals on Groups.

GroupTrader 3.0

with GroupTrader 3.0 and the ALL NEW ETF Trader

When we trade, we want the highest return possible. However, we also want the trade with the lowest risk! In other words, we want to maximize the Reward:Risk Ratio. Using Industry Group Rotation, we can truly trade the best of both worlds—high potential return at the lowest possible risk.

Trade the Most Explosive Moves 

Group Rotation identifies the most explosive moves by capitalizing on herd mentality. GroupTrader 3.0 will help you find and trade the most profi table Group Rotations. But the best part is that it’s easy to use. A button at the bottom of the Focus List is labeled Group/ETF. Click this button and the lower section of the Focus List instantly turns into a Group Component View, with all of the symbols in the Group displayed! This is where the awesome power of GroupTrader quickly becomes apparent.

You Have the Advantage

When a move starts in an Industry Group, the institutions (Mutual Funds, pensions, etc.) start buying stocks in the Group with their buy programs. With Group Consensus Trading, you simply detect the event and jump on board for quick gains. But since your trade size is considerably smaller than theirs, you can also jump on without affecting the market. They take the risk. You take the profits. And because GroupTrader 3.0 is 100% automated, it can continually track dozens of Industry Groups, bringing the high probability moves to your attention.

Correlation is the Key!

Correlation is the key to GroupTrader’s power, because its Signals are generated by a Consensus Signal from the most highly correlated stocks. We automatically calculate correlation and deliver the statistics to save analysis time. And you can also correlate to any symbol using the Correlation command in the Focus List. Just specify the symbol to which you want to correlate your list. Consensus Signals will then be generated using the new values.

A Powerful New Way to Trade ETFs

The GroupTrader concept works on ETFs for the same reason it works on Groups. The difference is, we base our Trading Signals on Weights rather than Correlation. When a majority
of the highest weighted symbols that make up an ETF are bullish, the ETF has a much greater chance of rallying. To implement this in GroupTrader, we created ETF Trader and added a database with individual ETF constituent weights. ETF Trader takes these weights into account when generating the
Consensus Signal for an ETF.

If you are not yet trading ETFs, you’re going to want to take a look at these Signals. If you are trading ETFs, you’re going to be amazed at how powerful the Consensus Signal technique is!

Inverse ETFs were created to provide a way to take a short position on the stocks in the ETF by purchasing the Inverse. Why is this so valuable?

Retirement accounts do not allow short selling. Using Inverse ETFs, it’s possible to make money in down markets by purchasing an Inverse ETF. Bear funds are also available, but ETFs have enormous advantages over Mutual Funds, including lower trading costs. It’s not surprising that ETFs and Inverse ETFs are becoming the vehicles of choice when it comes to managing retirement accounts!

ETF Trader comes with a robust database of over 900 ETFs, including the ETFs for Sector and Industry Groups and over 300 Sector and Inverse ETFs.

GroupTrader 3.0 including ETF Trader

  • Group Focus List
  • Group Chart QuickPlot
  • Correlation Tool
  • Trade the Groups! CD Seminar

PLUS Three Prefigured Timeframe Profiles

  • GT Short Term • GT Medium Term • GT Long Term

Including ETF Trader

  • Consensus Constituent Voting
  • Comprehensive ETF Database
  • Grow Your Account with ETF Trader Seminar

PLUS Three Prefigured Timeframe Profiles

  • ETF Short Term • ETF Medium Term • ETF Long Term

Trade the Groups! CD Seminar

Part I: What is Group Rotation?

  • Clear examples of profitable Group Rotations
  • How to use Correlated Charts for more prof table trading
  • Which Industry Groups are the easiest to trade
  • How to spot the explosive moves—beforehand

Part II: Using GroupTrader 

  • How to use the GroupTrader Focus List
  • Creating and using your own Custom Groups
    for basket trading
  • Prospecting with GroupTrader
  • Using key Chart Patterns to confirm the
    most explosive moves

Grow Your Account with ETF Trader CD Seminar

Seminar Topics:

  • What are ETFs? When and how are they superior to trading stocks for making steady gains?
  • How to use ETFs to trade Industry Group and Sector Rotations
  • How to make gains in down markets in your retirement account with Inverse ETFs
  • How to trade movements in global commodities markets by trading commodity ETFs
  • How to hedge against market risk in your portfolio using ETFs
  • Leveraged ETFs – When to use them and when to exercise caution
  • Nuts and Bolts – Using ETF Trader features to trade ETFs