Professionals rely on two important factors when making trading decisions—Price and Volume. These two elements tell you everything you need to know about price and where it may be headed. So it makes sense that we would develop a POWERFUL plug-in that is based solely on price and volume.


REDEFINING Extraordinary!

ProfitBands CD

This plug-in revolves around the well-known, but not easily accessible, Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) indicator. This indicator has been used as a major benchmark by professionals and institutions for decades, and is used as a major input for a high percentage of trading algorithms. Essentially, the Pros use VWAP to identify value opportunities.

Make Money Like the Pros

The crown jewel of the ProfitBands plug-in is the VWAP Bands indicator. This indicator reveals hidden support and resistance bands that are based off the standard VWAP indicator. While professionals use an experienced eye to judge value opportunities in relation to VWAP, these bands allow even the most novice traders to identify undervalued and overvalued price zones with the best of them!

While the bands help you to easily identify value situations, we’ve also created powerful strategies that will help guide you to trading success. And we’re including trade plans that give you a versatile approach to trade management. ProfitBands is the trading dynamo that will help revolutionize the way you trade!

Tools for Empowerment

The VWAP indicator offers a true edge in trading, but we’ve kicked it up a notch (or three!) by developing a whole suite of indicators, systems, and stops that will help you take advantage of this powerful indicator.

Pushing the envelope even further, we’ve also created built-in multiple timeframe capabilities and VWAP pivot points that give you a unique edge for trading ANY instrument in ANY timeframe. These tools offer an incredible way to find and trade the most actionable price zones in any chart.

ProfitBands chart

VWAP Bands help you uncover hidden areas of support and resistance in any chart.

Powerful and Easy to Use

We’ve harnessed the power of the VWAP indicator and made it easy to incorporate in your trading. The matrix (below) offers sound guidelines that professionals use when identifying trading opportunities with VWAP. Generally speaking, buying below VWAP (and selling above it) offers a great entry price that often leads to profitable trades.

However, strong buying pressure above VWAP (or strong selling pressure below it) is an indication that market participants are seeking to push price to a new area of value. When this type of aggressive buying (or selling) occurs, it usually leads to significant moves in the market.

The ProfitBands Plug-in Includes:

  • Multiple Timeframe Indicators
  • VWAP Pivot Points
  • VWAP Reversal and VWAP
  • Max Reversal Systems
  • Powerful Real-Time and End-of-Day Strategies
  • and more!

Introduction to ProfitBands Seminar on CD

Trade Master SeriesPLUS The TRADE MASTER Series for ProfitBands

Includes two presentations on CD:

  • Taking Flight with ProfitBands 
  • Mastering ProfitBands

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* The ProfitBands Plug-in works with OmniTrader 2011 and later versions or VisualTrader 8 and later versions. Not available for prior versions of OmniTrader.