The Hurst Method teached a way to manage the trades using specialized trailing stops based on levels that take advantage of the natural rhythm of the market.

Hurst Cycle Trader

Transaction Timing Equals Profitable Trading

What is the Hurst Method

When these lines are broken, buy or sell orders are placed in the market (Figure IV-9). Hurst also taught a way to manage the trades using specialized trailing stops based on levels that take advantage of the natural rhythm of the market. Diagrams in the book graphically show the logic of following a trade and optimizing the exit based on these same cycles.

Power Tools Included with the Hurst Plug-In

In addition to the Hurst Strategy, you get two powerful tools that can be used to improve other strategies in OmniTrader. For starters, you get the new Shifted Moving Average Envelopes, which can draw shifted bands around price and project them forward to the current bar. You also get the Hurst Cycle Trader System (HCT-R), which combines these tools into Hurst signals that can be used in weekly, daily or real time charts.

A Timely Product

Hurst Cycle Trader identifies profitable candidates by taking advantage of the natural cycles that occur in all freely traded markets—including the current volatile market environment. And now it’s available in OmniTrader!


  • Configurable Hurst Cycle System and Trade Plan
  • Hurst Strategy
  • Powerful Moving Average Envelopes
  • Comprehensive Seminar to maximize  your trading with Hurst Cycle Trader

Hurst in Real Time. The above chart on Merck demonstrates how powerful and timely these signals can be in real time. In addition to the Hurst Strategy, you also get the components of Hurst, including Shifted Moving Average Envelopes and the Hurst System that fires signals when Major and Minor Cycles converge in the chart.

The Hurst Method: A Seminar by Ed Downs

Hurst Cycle Trader is a great tool to help you find prime entry points in the stock market, especially when used according to the method that Hurst taught in his book. In this seminar, Ed Downs takes you though the essence of the Hurst Method; enabling you to use OmniTrader to find prospects and then cherry pick the best trades from the list.

After entering trades, we want to apply a prudent Stop Management system to lock in profits. In this seminar, we break the Hurst Method into its essential elements, using examples directly from OmniTrader. The seminar is designed to get you trading successfully with Hurst as quickly as possible.

The Hurst Method Seminar

Introduction to Hurst

  • Why the Hurst Method is Popular
  • Cycles in the Stock Market

Trading the Hurst Method

  • The Perfect Hurst Setup
  • The Edge Band Signal
  • Price Projections
  • Maximizing Profits

Hurst in OmniTrader

  • Shifted Moving Average Envelopes
  • The Hurst System
  • The Hurst Trade Plan
  • The Hurst Strategy