Our market technicians are continually working with OmniTrader to create 100% Mechanical Strategies - Strategies that have shown the ability to make money over long periods of time.

Advanced Strategies

  • NSP-33

    NSP-33 - A mechanical strategy for swing and position traders, NSP-33 uses a proprietary method to the best trend trading opportunities.

  • NSP-41

    Based on the reversion to mean concept, this strategy boasts a high hit rate and consistent performance in any market conditions.

  • RT Futures Strategy Suite

    Specific strategies designed for the e-Minis, Energies and Metals designed to outperform the market.

  • Real Time Strategy Suite (RTSS)

    The Real Time Strategy Suite can identify key Reversals and Breakouts Signals identifying explosive moves. RTSS includes five powerful trading Strategies that each focus on a specific segment of the trading day, giving you the best trades at all times.

  • RTM7 Strategy

    RTM7 is a powerful Strategy that is based on the Reversion to Mean concept.

  • SWING-13 Strategy

    SWING-13 is a Short term Trading Strategy using OmniTrader 2013’s DSS Feature.

  • T3 Power Suite

    This collection of Strategies is focused on high returns AND reduction of risk. The T3 Strategy Suite was designed to generate steady gains and low draw downs.

  • VBX-3 Trading SystemVBX-3 Trading System

    Nirvana's Volatility Band Excursion (VBX) technology identifies the setups that are most likely to result in a high probability reversal. By pinpointing stocks that are making prolonged excursions around the volatility zones that trigger sharp snapbacks, VBX-3 consistently finds the most profitable trading opportunities.